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Summer Movement Series: Functional Mobility

July 4, 202310:00am–11:00am

Let's get MOVING this summer! In this movement series made possible by Pure Vida Natural Health Shop & Mobility Studio you will see the varieties of functional training. Functional strength training is a proven way to slow down the effects of age-related muscle LOSS and decrease your risk for injury, KEEPING RANGE OF MOTION WHILE ALSO BECOMING STRONGER AND LEANER.

July 8th, 2023 - 10am

Functional Mobility with Liz Kingham of Pure Vida

A 45 minute, low impact, beginner flow, suitable for all levels looking to improve mobility, range of motion, and to become more in tuned with your breath. Liz Kingham of Pure Vida is bringing Functional Movement to SWLA. This type of movement will improve strength, mobility, posture and fitness – but also your capacity to move with balance and coordination. To move with less effort and tension, developing your central nervous system to ‘move better’. Bring your own mat.

Entry includes (1) Beer/Mocktail Ticket