The Journey to Crying Eagle Brewing

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April 6, 2017

The journey to Crying Eagle Brewing began several years ago with a group of people wondering what they could do with their individual skill sets to help make Lake Charles an even better place to live. What did Southwest Louisiana need? Over great craft beer from breweries all over Louisiana, the United States, and the world they struggled for a answer. And then it hit them. Why is there no great locally made craft beer in Lake Charles? Knowledge and resources were shared.  More people fell into the fold. Suddenly, all the pieces were in place and the idea was hatched.

Building a brewery from the ground up has been quite an adventure and a lot of work for our team at Crying Eagle. As our Mayor Randy Roach has been famously quoted on late night tv,    

"People are anxious to see work being done.  Before you can see work done, a lot of work has to be done.”

Well a lot of work has been done. Opening a brewery requires years of business planning; so many hours researching equipment and talking to sales people; visiting breweries and seeing how others have done it; and a lot of time compiling what works, and what doesn’t work. Recipes have been brewed, honed, tweaked, brewed again and again until they’re perfect. Once all this pre-work is complete, the work of actually building the thing begins.

Since our ground breaking in October numerous great folks have been working very hard to create the structure you see on McNeese Street. It takes a plethora of skilled craftspeople from a variety of professions to make a brewery a reality. We could not have done it without these hardworking people. Observing the pride with which they make a 2D drawing into an amazing 3D structure is something we will never forget. Getting to know these folks and seeing how excited they’ve become about our project has helped make all the hard work even more rewarding. Luckily in this business, the work day often ends by raising a pint!

As construction comes to a close, now the most fun work can begin. Very soon we will begin brewing our own recipes on our own equipment in our own town. We can not wait to get our delicious brews into your hands and on to your taste buds. Then your work will begin. We need you to come and visit the taproom. We need you to buy our beer and tell us what you think of the brews. Kindly encourage bars, restaurants, and retailers to get our beer. Tell your friends about us. Tell your enemies about. Help make Crying Eagle your brewery.

This initial blog post is to show appreciation for all the many people who have worked their tails off to get us to this point. Again, thank you for all the hard work. In the future, we hope to use this blog to educate, to geek out on beer and the brewing process, and to answer questions that may arise. Cheers! It’s beer o’clock.

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