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Ready to Mingle

Belgian Single
4.6% ABV
18 IBU
Ready to MingleReady to MingleReady to Mingle

Monks in Trappist Monasteries reserved singles as their daily beers but there's no need to take vows of poverty or celibacy to taste our Belgian-Style single. Get ready to mingle because this light, aromatic beer is a crowd pleaser that's ready to mix things up!

Calcasieu Common

Common Ale
5.4% ABV
36 IBU
Calcasieu CommonCalcasieu CommonCalcasieu Common

We know that Calcasieu might not be easy to pronounce (kal-ka-shoo) but despite its name this beer is as unique as our namesake Louisiana parish in which it's brewed. This amber colored lager is created by an unusual hybrid Lager/Ale brewing process started during the Gold Rush. Toastycarmelfruityhopness is the uncommon word we're using to describe this beer.

The Chuck

Golden Ale
5% ABV
16 IBU
The ChuckThe ChuckThe Chuck

Chuck asked us to brew a yellow beer but there was no way we were going to brew your run-of-the-mill American lager. What you have in your hand is a thirst quenching juggernaut of a session ale that has its bags packed for the beach, the duck blind, Grandma's house, or anywhere else Chuck may want to roam.

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